How to setup raid on 20x servers automatically? (up2date --solvedeps=$(bootstrap_firmware -u crashing sometimes)

Chris Skretowski chris.skretowski at
Fri Jul 23 05:15:33 CDT 2010


I'm trying to work out why this command sometimes works and sometimes
doesn't when invoked from kickstart:

up2date --solvedeps=$(bootstrap_firmware -u)

Same server for testing purposes (out of batch of 20), fresh install
every time, using local REPO...

Last message on the screen is:

No handlers could be found for logger "trace.firmwaretools"

but that's not stopping it from running. Sometimes it just carries on,
sometimes it doesn't. Can't see any error in logs, other bits are OK.
OMSA installs every time.

SElinux is disabled.

Only way to go past that problem is to kill from another console
"bootstrap_firmware" but that is (well, supposed to be) unattended

Yeah, I could do that quicker just by installing them one by one but I
don't want. It should work. We would need that in the near future.
(according to update process, firmware is already outdated on NICs so I
need to run that command)

Just to clarify: RHEL 4.8, local repo for DELL (latest only), same
server used for testing- but others have same problem. No problems with
network as far as I can see (and other bits are OK).

Any input more than appreciated!

Kind Regards
Chris Skretowski MCSE: S+M, MCTS

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