R300 & auto negotiation

Robert von Bismarck robert.vonbismarck at vtx-telecom.ch
Fri Jul 23 02:48:06 CDT 2010

> Has anyone had issues with R300's and the stock CentOS 5.5 
> x86_64 tg3 driver not auto negotiating properly?  We use 
> Foundry (aka Brocade) switches and I have an R300 that 
> insists on negotiating to 10-half, I had to use ethtool to 
> force it to 100-full.  Have not tried at gig.
> Would prefer to not have to hard code since we dislike having 
> to hard code switch ports for other reasons.
> Thanks,
> David

>From my experience, when you want to be certain, you must force 100mb
networks to 100-full. Auto-neg is mostly hit'n miss, especially on
high-end manageable switches like cisco, extreme networks or HP. Cheaper
linksys or even trendnet (yuk!) usually get it right...
I've seen this behavior with plenty of equipments running 100mb, like
linux or windows servers, especially on sun/solaris servers and even
cisco routers. At gig speeds auto-neg is mandatory and works well.



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