Installing Driver for Dell SAS 5/E via yum repo

Mike Hanby mhanby at
Thu Jul 22 12:27:52 CDT 2010

Thanks Jeff, mptlinux did the trick.

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> I figure I need to install the driver for this card.
> How do I do this using the repository? I recall that there is some sort
> of hardware discovery that can be passed to yum, but I can't seem to
> find the example on the Dell Linux wiki.

Here is the link to the repoview page for the 2950 & rhel 5 64:

Don't know if it's megaraid_sas or mptlinux. There is hardware discovery for firmware update, don't know about drivers. If you use the System Management Tools and Documentation (SMTD) dvd to deploy your OS, it will install all the dell drivers you need for your hardware.


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