PowerEdge R410 Motherboards Ship with malware/trojan in Firmware

Brian A. Seklecki lavalamp at spiritual-machines.org
Wed Jul 21 11:30:07 CDT 2010

Oh man:



 No details yet.

 Could just easily be a RHEL or ESXi rootkit; or even code that
 runs outside the OS/Kernel and provides a leak.

 Of course, Symantec Enpoint is off when you're in safe mode.  Not
 like that crap actually prevents spyware, anyway.


 Probably an act of industrial sabotage; 3rd party probably paid (or
 otherwise subverted) staff at the FoxConn plant (or whomever was the
 lowest bidder), to load it knowing some target company-X would soon need
 a replacement unit from that source.


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