c6100 - How does this thing work?

Steve Tempest Steve.Tempest at gts.apn.com.au
Tue Jul 20 16:07:21 CDT 2010

Hi Katzke,

Would you not buy 2 x 2U boxes to maintain business continuity in the event one died? 

We use the R900 series boxed and they work pretty well. How many servers are you going to virtualise?




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I have a few questions about the c6100. We’re looking at buying one for some VMWare applications. 


Anyone have a manual that will tell me how the thing is configured as far as RAID and other partitioning goes? Is there a backplane where the system trays can talk to one another, or is everything via external channel (Ethernet, etc.)? Also, any idea of what Dell’s asking for one of these babies? We’ve got a higher-up that’s jazzed about having an entire server room in a 2u box… but there’s no detailed product info on the Dell website and I strangely can’t seem to get answers out of any sales reps at Dell, which leads me to wonder how much the thing’s really actually ready for sale. 





Karl Katzke

Systems Analyst II





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