Monitoring SAS 6iR RAID status

Rodrigo Trevisaneli rodrigo.trevisaneli at
Tue Jul 20 08:44:30 CDT 2010


This morning a database running on a PE T105 with a SAS 6iR
was down, and after reboot I found the filesystem demaged.

Running fsck fix this, and the /var/log/messages has a lot
of disk-related messages starting at 10:00 pm. The SAS6iR
utility show me RAID status degradaded and a fail status on disk 0.

Disk 0 was removed and will be replaced. The server is running
with only disk 1, and my question is, is there a way to be
warned when a disk starting failing before the filesystem become
demaged? Any utility, that can read data from SAS 6iR and put
messages on console/syslog/email?

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