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	It is nice to see the positive feedback about our Linux support.  For those who do not know, Dell employees several Red Hat Certified Architects in support and we strive to ensure our customer's needs are met.  We follow the mailing lists as much as possible too.  :)

On topic, Open Manage Server Administrator will officially work with RHEL and x86_64 versions of SLES.  Unofficially it will work on other distros as well.  Unofficial info regarding this can be found at:  linux.dell.com and of course the community here.  Thanks!

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On Tue, 20 Jul 2010, Robin Bowes wrote:

>> Not if it's a licensing issue where Dell is the OEM that sold the Red
>> Hat license.
> That possibility come to my mind just after I pressed send!

That is exactly it.  The Dell OEM agreement lists Dell as first line. 
The linux techs are actually just as sharp as most of the RHEL techs I've 
gotten.  They're also familiar with stuff the RHEL guys won't touch like 

> I've ended up fixing most of the support tickets I've raised recently,
> and having the changes merged into either Fedora or RHEL! They should be
> paying me! ;)

That's my expierence in the few times over the years I've had to open 
tickets with Redhat.  I fixed it, they couldn't.

The Dell guys have been useful resources when I needed assistance with 
things like EMC gear on linux as I noted above.

These days I maintain RHEL and official support on my Oracle DB boxes and 
run CentOS on all the others.


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