"Vendor provided" support

Wiley Sanders wsanders at wsanders.net
Mon Jul 19 19:09:47 CDT 2010

Thanks for the quick replies.

I only bought RHEL support to guarantee Server Manager compatibility.
It's been a while since I bought a new Dell, and I was very pleased
that Server Manager worked "right out of the box" this time and didn't
need ANY fiddling to get working. It survived the RHEL4 to 5 upgrade
too. It probably works on CentOS as well, but I really need Server
Manager to work consistently in this hosts' case.

We actually have a site license for Novell which includes SuSE. Is
Server Manager support as solid in SuSE as it is in RHEL/CentOS? I
hardly ever see anyone asking about it on this list.

I'm pretty agnostic as far as distros go, whether by luck or design
all my experience has been in RHEL / CentOS / Fedora shops. My current
employer is the first place I've worked that uses SuSE to any extent.


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