Looking for yum package name that has the repo files for RHEL5

Wiley Sanders wsanders at wsanders.net
Mon Jul 19 18:52:31 CDT 2010

I attempted an upgrade from RHEL4 to RHEL5 using a CDROM anaconda
upgrade but it caused a few problems.

After the upgrade, I could not upgrade the kernel because of conflicts
with initscripts, hal, and kudzu. (I went ahead and removed kudzu OK,
but in the process of removing hal (which removed much of Gnome, which
I do not need) the yum repository data was deleted:

# yum repolist
repolist: 0

(Removing hal also unconfigured my eth interface and trashed
resolv.conf. Eth0 went down and I had to reconnect via the console and
restart the interface.)

Stuck? Not hardly. The host is in another building, but I already have
the RHEL5 ISO file on my PC that I used to upgrade the host with using
iDRAC virtual media. So I just remounted the ISO via the iDRAC on the
running system, and then created a repo file pointing to the CDROM:

name="RHEL5 ISO mounted on /mnt"

I reinstalled hal and I can also reinstall anything I want from the
CD. So my question is: Now that Up2date is gone from RHEL5, which yum
package / RPM do I need to install that will point yum back to RHN's

BTW for this to happen yum and the iDRAC have to be firing on all
cylinders - thanks for that. Virtual media is awesome - when I type
"eject" on the remote host it even pops open the CDROM on my desktop.


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