"Vendor provided" support

Jefferson Ogata poweredge at antibozo.net
Mon Jul 19 18:18:03 CDT 2010

On 2010-07-19 23:10, Robin Bowes wrote:
> I would imagine Dell support will be limited to "RHEL runs on this
> hardware". If you have any issues with kernel oops or other
> hardware-related crashing then Dell may be interested in fixing it.

Not if it's a licensing issue where Dell is the OEM that sold the Red 
Hat license. In that case, Red Hat will run you (and Dell tech support) 
around in circles of ever-increasing size until you finally conclude 
that the only viable option is CentOS.

My only support tickets with Red Hat in the past two years have been 
related to licensing. Kinda tells you something....

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