How to setup raid on 20x servers automatically?

Chris Skretowski chris.skretowski at
Fri Jul 16 10:08:41 CDT 2010

Agreed, would be done by now. 
But if I can script that, other people will have to do some as well :)
We are migrating old to new servers.

I'm done for today, back to drawing board on Monday!
Hopefully I can figure out how to boot DTK from PXE, run my scripts to
setup raid and possibly DRAC and reboot server so RH can boot from PXE
and install from provided KS. Easy.


Kind Regards
Chris Skretowski MCSE: S+M, MCTS

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On 16/07/10 15:41, Chris Skretowski wrote:
> They are now Dell T300 witch DRAC6, PERC6/I.
> All of them will have RHEL 4.8
> Thanks for your input guys! Going through DTK docs now...
> If it wouldn't be for people who don't understand what RAID is, I
> it would be quicker to set them manually...
> Anyway, it will be good reference for the future.


FWIW, I looked at the DTK docs and decided change my 40 new servers
manually! It doesn't take too long once you get stuck in over a remote
DRAC console.


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