How to setup raid on 20x servers automatically?

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Fri Jul 16 07:07:09 CDT 2010

DTK could be very handy in such case. DTK Linux ISO image can be
downloaded from 
DTK tool raidcfg provides a command line to replicate raid configuration
specified in an INI file.

raidcfg command to create INI file is raidcfg -i=\tmp\raid.ini.

DTK CLI guide should have more information, in case you are interested. 



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Subject: How to setup raid on 20x servers automatically?
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Is there any chance I could setup automatically 20x perc/6i to have
raid1 instead of raid5? Something like bootable CD or even better -
bootable via PXE. It needs to be unattended or minimal intervention. 

I'm thinking about using some live linux distro with OMSA(I know that
there is Centos) and script it to do what I want but I'm guessing that
someone has done it already. 

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards
Chris Skretowski MCSE: S+M, MCTS

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