Linux-PowerEdge Digest, Vol 73, Issue 29

Vibha_Garg at Vibha_Garg at
Fri Jul 16 06:14:12 CDT 2010

DTK tool racadm can reset DRAC configuration to factory default values.
Command line is - racadm racresetcfg.

To Enable serial over lan you can choose either of the commands given
	syscfg solcfgparams --solenable=enable
	racadm config -g cfgipmisol -o cfgipmisolenable 1

Hope this answers your question.

On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 1:01 PM, Jefferson Ogata
<poweredge at> wrote:
> 2. In BMC setup (control-E during POST), enable serial over LAN, set
> and password.
> ** First thing you should do in BMC setup is reset to default. The
> often ship with a weird non-default setting that will cause lots of
> serial port feedback if you try to run a getty on the serial console.

Is it possible to do this step in an automated fashion? i.e. without
using the Manual Ctrl+E?

Would ipmitool, or syscfg or another equivalent tool have the way of
setting the BMC SOL? I already set the BMC's IP and pasword using

I have ~300 machines so doing this step manually via Ctrl+E is tedious.


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