performance bottleneck in Linux MD RAID-1

Tim Small tim at
Thu Jul 15 04:04:58 CDT 2010

Bond Masuda wrote:
> almost seems like Linux MD layer has a performance cap at around
> 200MB/s.
> Has anyone encountered this and have suggestions to remove this
> bottleneck? Any advice would be appreciated.

I think the best place to pose the question would be at
linux-raid at where you can find Neil Brown, and other md
developers - you'll need to include your kernel version, and any other
tuning you've done at the block layer, or with the PERC and it's
driver.  I have had sequential reads at 800M per second with md before,
with (I think) 8 2TB 7k drives, but I don't think I've benchmarked
sequential writes on a comparable system.


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