ssh nologin DRAC 4/P

Benito Lopera glistadell at
Tue Jul 13 11:53:18 CDT 2010

Hi, i have a problem with the ssh access on the DRAC of my dell R200
servers. I have a script to make a soft shutdown doing "stop system1" en the
DRAC shell, but the problem is sometimes the DRAC denied the ssh enter. For

root at local# ssh -l root
root at's password:

Dell Remote Access Controller 4/P (DRAC 4/P)
Firmware Version 1.71 (Build 02.19)
[root]# exit

Connection to closed.
root at local#

Everything is OK, but i try 2 min later and this is the result:

root at local# ssh -l root
Received disconnect from 11: Logged out.
root at local#

The password is the same in both cases. I read on the manual that only one
SSH session is supported at any given time but i know that nobody is logged
in, somebody knows the cause of this problem?

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