install current linux distro on PE 600SC

Tommy Pham tommyhp2 at
Mon Jul 12 21:06:59 CDT 2010


I'm having problems installing any current version of Linux distros (CentOS
5.5, openSUSE 11.2, Ubuntu 10.04).  They all freeze on DVD boot.  Yet, I
have no problem installing FreeBSD 8.0 or Windows 2008.  After some
Google'ing, I came across a few links:


Which led me to believe that the new Linux kernels doesn't support CERC
ATA/100 RAID controller or the firmware v6.62 is broken for Linux... (?)
I'd like to get a current version of a Linux distro (preferably CentOS or
openSUSE) installed on this box for testing.  Should I downgrade the
firmware to 6.61 since I don't have another installation of Linux (physical
or virtual) to do a kernel patch and then compile the module?

Thanks for your help,

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