PE2850/PV220s & VMware ESXi configuration?

Gregor Friedrich gregor.friedrich at
Mon Jul 12 11:03:22 CDT 2010

Hello Derek

> I was thinking (conceptually) of building a VMWare ESXi environment out of
> them to replace the two-dozen Sun SparcStation 20/Ultra 1/Ultra 10 boxes
> that are dying to be replaced.  (or they're just dying anyway, seeing how
> three has died in a week)

Sorry , but the first question would be is the old PV220S still 
supported by ESXi?
What kind of drives are in, 73GB or 146GB? May be it's more easy to make 
this with some big local drives?

Years before we used some PV220S for fileservice and they were slow at 
all. We didn't use split mode.

Regards Gregor

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