syscfg bug? Does not allow me to set console redirection from command line

Alexander Dupuy alex.dupuy at
Mon Jul 12 09:41:10 CDT 2010

You wrote:

>  /opt/dell/toolkit/bin/syscfg --conred
> The option 'conred' is not available or cannot be configured
> through software.

The mechanism for setting console redirection is different for various
Dell server architectures - the one you used is for older (x850 - 8th
gen) servers.  You will have better luck with the following (works on
x950 and Rx10 - 9th through 11th gen servers):

syscfg --serialcomm=com1cr #or com2cr if you want to use the iDRAC6/BMC
for console access

Your question was answered pretty well about three and a half years ago
on this list:


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