syscfg bug? Does not allow me to set console redirection

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Syscfg --conred is applicable up to 8th generation of Power Edge
On R300 and R410 servers, use syscfg --serialcomm along with --extserial

sysfcg --serialcomm selects whether the COM ports (COM1 and COM2) are
enabled by the BIOS and if BIOS Console Redirection is also enabled.

Consol Redirection via COM1 is used only in conjunction with External
Serial Connector set to COM1.

Whereas Console Redirection via COM2 can be used with External Serial
Connector set to COM1, COM2 or Remote Access Device. Use this mode for
Consol Redirection over SOL.

Hope this answers your question.



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Subject: syscfg bug? Does not allow me to set console redirection
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In order to set the correct BIOS settings for Serial-over-LAN I was
using the Dell syscfg too (From the deployment Toolkit). I was hoping
to then automate this process on all 300 R410 servers than we have.

I tried:

 /opt/dell/toolkit/bin/syscfg --conred
The option 'conred' is not available or cannot be configured
through software.

I am sure my system has this option since if I physically log in to
the bios using a console I can set the redirection. Also the manual
(*) for syscfg lists this option so clearly it has to be software
addressable. Is this a bug in syscfg?

Can someone at Dell verify please? I tried the excellent Dell helpdesk
but the guys there had never heard of syscfg nor Serial-over-LAN so it
is a losing battle.

I am using this version of syscfg:
syscfg Version 3.1.0000 ser01 (Linux - Sep  1 2009, 00:30:05)
Copyright (c) 2002-2009 Dell Inc.



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