Disable Lifecycle Controller using script, maybe syscfg?

Claus.Vetter at gmx-topmail.de Claus.Vetter at gmx-topmail.de
Sun Jul 11 18:58:48 CDT 2010


I have the problem that we have already sold and shipped several appliances based on Dell PowerEdge hardware (e.g. R210). We configured BIOS passwords for every unit so that users cannot change anything or boot from other media and to protect our software a bit.
This is all automated, e.g. using syscfg.

Now we found out that one customer pressed F10 during boot by accident. It is now not possible for him to cancel system services. He has to enter the bios password and cannot skip it or make the system work again.

We had to ship a replacement.

Now I must find a way to disable or kill USC/lifecycle controller on the already deployed units and on the newly installed units.

I found that CTRL+E to enter the BMC menu allows me to disable system services. This is good, but how can I automate it?

Ideally using Dells modified ipmitool (which can also setup the lcd display) or using syscfg (which can setup bios passwords and boot order etc.).

Is there some way? I could not find anything.

Next thing to try would be to hack the lifecycle controller firmware update so that it should write lots of garbage into that flash chip of the lifecycle controller.

Then customers would not be able to enter this useless thing.

Thanks for any help!
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