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Fri Jul 9 10:37:15 CDT 2010

On 09/07/10 16:21, linux-poweredge-request at wrote:
>> > As soon as the bnx2 driver is loaded during the install ipmi stops
>> > responding, but the install completes successfully.
>> > 
>> > Rebooting the machine manually, ipmi starts to work again up until the
>> > bnx2 driver is loaded again.  Removing the bnx2 driver using rmmod, it
>> > starts to respond again, but obviously I loose network connectivity.
>> > 
>> > Installing Lucid on the same machine works as expected, the bnx2 is
>> > loaded and ipmi still works.
> I was about to suggest using Lucid, but you've said you've tried it and
> it works.
> So why do you want Hardy?

We're a hosting company and offer the Plesk CP as an option to our
customers. Plesk currently doesn't work with anything later than Hardy.
:( They won't give an ETA on release, and our stock of r200s is running
down, so starting to offer 210s and 410s.

I've been playing around this afternoon after a couple of suggestions,
and have upgraded the driver with the latest one from broadcom (v2.0.8e)
, and this works as expected. IPMI still works once the bnx2 driver is

Have updated a bug with Ubuntu to say that this is happening, as all
they did to support the 5716 was add the PCI ID to the existing driver.
Hopefully they'll roll the latest driver into the hardy kernel.


Scott Clark
Unix System Administrator


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