Help with error message from megasasctl

Jefferson Ogata poweredge at
Thu Jul 8 23:42:00 CDT 2010

On 2010-07-09 04:10, brijesh patel wrote:
> I have been receiving error messages from megasasctl which says the
> following.
<snip />
> *a0e32s3   SEAGATE ST9300603SS        279GiB  a0d0  online   errs:
> media:0  other:5*
>      write errors: corr:  0    delay:  0    rewrit:  2    tot/corr: 
> 2    tot/uncorr: 13  
>       read errors: corr: 32Mi  delay:  1    reread:  0    tot/corr:
> 32Mi  tot/uncorr:  0  
>     verify errors: corr:159Mi  delay:  9    revrfy:  0   
> tot/corr:159Mi  tot/uncorr:  0  
> This is the 4th hard drive in my RAID Array. I couldn't find a proper
> explanation on google. I think one of my hard drive is failing but i
> would like to have your thoughts on it.

Yes, that is a failing disk. I don't know why the PERCs don't fail them
when this starts to happen, but the disk is clearly reporting that it
has had 13 uncorrected write errors. That may be okay for Dell's data,
but not for mine.

Usually in this case I start a long self-test on the disk in question
(as well as on a spare so I have a reliable replacement). Often the
self-test will fail sufficiently to get Dell to replace the disk, or it
may even force the PERC to fail the disk.

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