running PV MD1000 in split mode question...

Tom Rockwell rockwell at
Thu Jul 8 22:37:05 CDT 2010

MD1000s with SATA drives use the interposer card.  I don't think split 
mode is an issue here.  Though I've never really seen a good explanation 
or understood if SAS multipathing is used inside an MD1000.

If want to know can it be made to work somehow without the interposer, I 
don't know.


On 7/8/10 8:18 PM, bond.masuda at wrote:
> just a question for those who know for sure....
> does the MD1000 running in split mode and SATA drives require that the
> SATA drives have an interposer board?
> I originally thought the interposer boards were necessary only for MD3000
> and dual pathing..
> TIA,
> -Bond
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