iDRAC6 Express on PE R610?

Tom Rockwell rockwell at
Thu Jul 8 15:15:37 CDT 2010


To reproduce, I do the following:

- reboot node
- enter iDRAC6 Express confguration
- reset to default configuration
- enable IPMI over LAN, set ip address, netmask, gateway and root password
- exit and reboot
- press f2 to enter setup screen, leave node sitting at this screen

The above is OS independent, AFAIK.

The iDRAC6 becomes pingable at start of second reboot.  It stops 
responding to pings after 3 to 10 minutes.  Results are similar with the 
OS Scientific Linux 5.4 running.

BIOS is 1.3.6, iDRAC6 Express FW is 1.30.7 (I think I saw that 
correctly).  Have also tested with a 2.X BIOS.

The iDRAC6 has no VLAN configured, the switch port has an untagged VLAN 
setup.  It may be that the VLAN has traffic on it that confuses the 
iDRAC?  I'll try an isolated VLAN for the iDRAC.

We don't understand if we have some network issue, there is a firmware 
bug, a combination of these two, or something else going on.

Tom Rockwell

On 7/7/10 11:47 PM, Shine_KA at wrote:
> Hi,
> 	Can you provide following information to understand more on this
> issue
> 1: Operating system used on R610
> 2: Is there any VLAN configured for iDRAC and Host OS
> 3: Which iDRAC FW version are you using
> 4: Does the ping failure observed after Server starts or once the OS
> starts
> Thanks&  Regards
> Shine K A
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> Hi,
> We have some poweredge r610 nodes with the iDRAC6 Express card.  We want
> to use them with the first NIC shared between OS and the DRAC.  However,
> the DRAC falls off the network (stops responding to pings) shortly after
> starting up.  We have just tried with an iDRAC6 Enterprise using the
> dedicated port and this is stable.  Anyone using the shared port
> configuration with iDRAC6 Express?  Any "tricks" to making this work?
> Thanks,
> Tom Rockwell
> Michigan State U.
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