R300 network throughput

David Hubbard dhubbard at dino.hostasaurus.com
Thu Jul 8 13:42:42 CDT 2010

I've got an R300 that is running current centos 5
kernel 2.6.18-194.3.1.el5 x86_64 and just stock
hardware including built-in NIC:

Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5722 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express

Using the stock centos tg3 driver.  Are thre any
known issues with this setup?  I can't get it to
do better than about 300 Mbit/sec using iperf on
a full duplex gig link to another server with no
issues saturating a gig link using the same test
on the same switch, same vlan, no routing involved.



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