R510 "power capping" and "power budgeting"?

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Power capping or budgeting is a method to limit the amount of power consumed by a system.  Since power_used=heat-dissipated, it is also a method to limit the amount of heat generated.  When a system's power consumption approaches the user specified cap, the system takes action to limit the amount of power consumed.  The primary action is to slow (throttle) the process, although other mechanisms are used as well.  When the actions are taken, there will be a decrease in the performance of the system.  (There is no impact to system performance when power consumption is not near or at the cap.)  The "amount" of cap that can be applied depends on the system configuration.  Systems with the all processor sockets populated with the highest performance processors will have the greatest capping range.

The power cap can be set via OpenManage Server Administrator, iDrac, Deployment Toolkit, etc.

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The marketing data sheet for the R5120 state: "The R510 also can be configured to include features such as power capping, power inventory and power budgeting to aid in the management of power within your environment."

What is this "power capping" and "power budgeting" and how can I get some? :-)

At any rate, the R510 is fully loaded (2 CPUS and 14 disks) and still uses only 434W peak and only 2.5A idle after booting, according to the iDRAC. We're running RedHat.

Thanks --w

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