1-2TB SATA drives currently shipping with 11G servers + onboard SATA options?

Tim Small tim at seoss.co.uk
Thu Jul 8 04:54:59 CDT 2010

Blake Hudson wrote:
> Tim Small wrote:
>> I know they've previously been shipping Seagate ST31000340NS 1TB drives,
>> but I've no idea which vendor/model 2TB drives they're using?
> I recently purchased a couple Dell branded 2TB SATA drives. They are
> Hitachi's - HDS72202A28A.

Interesting - thanks for that - any idea if they were pulls from
server-class, or desktop-class Dell hardware?  The reason I ask is that
whilst Google come up with a blank for that part number, the non-Dell
2TB Hitachi Deskstar (i.e. desktop-class drive) is the HDS722020ALA330,
whereas their Ultrastar drives have the part number HUA722020ALA330...

Anyone else had any 1TB or 2TB SATA drives in Poweredges?



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