LV RDIMM's vs normal RDIMM's

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There is not a simple answer to this question.  In general, a LV DIMM may use ~20% less power than an equivalent non-LV dimm.  Absolute values (watts) will depend on how heavily utilized the dimm is.  The more heavily utilized the memory, the greater the savings that will be realized with LV Dimms.  There is also variability in memory power consumption between memory vendors, technologies, etc.  The best way to quantify the savings would be to run sample workloads on a system while swapping dimm types between sample runs.  OpenManage and iDrac are able to report power consumption of the system or an external power meter could be used.  Note that there is no way to measure the power consumed by just the memory subsystem.

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I was wondering if i use a LV RDIMM instead of a 'normal' RDIMM how much Watt's will i save?

Let's say that the DIMM runs at 1333 MHz.

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