1-2TB SATA drives currently shipping with 11G servers + onboard SATA options?

Tim Small tim at seoss.co.uk
Wed Jul 7 05:56:06 CDT 2010


I'm planning on purchasing a couple of 11G servers (prob R210 / R310 /
R410) for a client, and was wondering which 1-2TB drives Dell are
shipping with these boxes?

I know they've previously been shipping Seagate ST31000340NS 1TB drives,
but I've no idea which vendor/model 2TB drives they're using?


If you order the "On-board SATA Controller, Min. 1 Max. 4 SATA Only
Cabled Drives" type options (which is what I'm planning on doing given
all the bollocks I've had from LSI controllers recently - give me a
plain old just-works-and-fast Intel ICH10 any day) - do the servers
actually ship with all the cables and mounting hardware for adding bare
drives to non-populated non-hotswap drive bays?

... i.e. does the R310 with that option selected plug just a single SATA
drive actually ship with the brackets and cables to fit a bare 3rd party
SSD of my choice, such as the Intel ones at a later date (I realise that
I might need to supply a suitable 2.5" to 3.5" bracket, and maybe a few
screws myself), or would I have to hunt around the net at great
length/expense to do that (or just buy the min-size SATA drives with the
server, and discard them when I needed to put in the SSD)?

The online configurator for the R410 no longer seems to have the
"on-board sata controller" option - anyone know if it's still actually
available (it definitely used to be there, and is in the R410 technical
guide book)?



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