mixing SAS and SATA drives in a Dell SC1435

Rahul Nabar rpnabar at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 18:28:13 CST 2010

I had a power edge SC1435 with a small SAS drive connected to a PERC-i
card. I wanted more storage and have bought a large SATA drive. I
removed the SAS and connected the SATA to the PERC-i controller. It
recognizes it but randomly freezes the disk intermittently.

Can't figure out what the problem is. On the other hand the
motherboard seems to have two SATA risers on it. Should this be a
better option to connect?

Also, I read that Dell does not recommend mixing SAS and SATA drives
in the SC1435. Does that apply to drives connected to the PERC-i
alone? Or can I have a SAS-drive connected to the PERC-i and a SATA
connected directly to the motherboard riser?


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