Checking servers for firmware/driver updates etc

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at
Sun Feb 28 01:08:40 CST 2010

Matt Domsch wrote, On 02/27/2010 06:48 PM:

> For PowerEdge, you could parse the XML Catalog, which is what
> Repository Manager, DMC, and other 3rd party commercial update tools
> use.


Thanks! I didn't know that was quickly accessible.  There does appear
to be some historical unmaintained cruft there
(e.g. Catalog.xml.tar.gz), but if that file is reliable (and i presume
from your description of it being used by the above tools that it won't
disappear anytime soon), then that's is DEFINITELY good news ;).

Yeah, it doesn't help me with the hundreds of desktop (Precision WS) &
laptop (Latitude) systems i also manage, but this is definitely useful.

> This does not include history, but it does include the current release
> block's set of files.  This file is updated as part of the "block
> release process", when a whole set of tested updates are published at
> once.

> The next obvious question is - where can I find the schema for this
> XML?  I believe this is available as part of Dell's PartnerDirect
> program:  You may be able to tease the
> bits you want out of the XML directly without having the full schema
> though.

Yeah, it definitely (at this point) looks pretty easily parsable
(sans the UTF16 stuff, which is easily coped with).


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