CentOS install can't find /dev/sda?

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This is untrue. I have used CentOS 3 up to CentOS 5.4 both i386/x64 with PowerEdge servers ranging from [12][6789]50s, R410s, R710s, etc w/PERCs. I have never had a problem with out-of-the-box CentOS interfacing with the PERCs.

Do any other operating systems fail to recognize the virtual drive?


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You need the raid drivers from Dell; perc isn't recognized out of the box with Centos.

On Tue, 2010-02-23 at 22:32 -0500, Steve Jenkins wrote:

I've been trying for a few days now to install CentOS 5.4 on a PowerEdge

1850. During the boot, I can press CTRL+M to configure the RAID

controller and 2 drives into a RAID 1 array which initializes and

appears just fine.

However, trying to install CentOS (Net install, DVD install, 64-bit,

32-bit, text install, gui install, etc.) always fails right after the

"Welcome to CentOS" part when it reports that it can't find /dev/sda to

partition pre-install.

Has anyone else seen this? I've updated all the firmwares possible, and

am still seeing this issue. I've decided that the RAID controller is

probably wonky, but before I work on swapping that out, anyone else have

any ideas I may have missed?




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