Monitoring MD3000 using OMSA?

Libor Klepáč libor.klepac at
Wed Feb 24 02:15:42 CST 2010

thanks for reply.
Storage is now without error, after powercycle, I'll monitor it's status

I have installed software from MD3000 cd. Now, SMAgent is running on host.
From my desktop, I can connect directly to storage array or indirectly on 
SMAgent on our server.
I tried to configure mail alerts, but they are send only when i'm connected 
with PowerVault ModularDisk manager from my desktop  - I thought, tha SMAgent 
will send those emails for me.  We cannot run some desktop just to send 
Myabe i can get alerts using some ?nagios? plugin and SMCli?


Dne úterý 23 Únor 2010 20:58:59 Jens Heinz napsal(a):
> There is no way monitoring MD3000 with OMSA.
> You need to install Modular Disk Storage Manager (MDSM) from MD3000
> resource CD. You doesn't have to install MDSM on the system which is
> using MD3000, you can setup a management station.
> Regarding the error messages: It could be real HDD/SAS error. But it too
> can be a reporting issue.
> I would recommend to you, to open a service request at Dell and provide
> them with a recent support log (in MDSM -> 'Support' tab -> 'Gather
> support information').
> Bye,
> Jens.
> On Tue, 2010-02-23 at 13:20 +0100, Libor Klepáč wrote:
> > Hi,
> > i have installer OMSA from (running debian here).
> >
> > I hoped, that i'll be able to monitor/manage md3000 with it.
> >
> > I have had to rebuild mptlinux drivers (some patching of mptlan.c and
> > mptlan.h was needed
> > kernel/browse_thread/thread/ab511cde228d7c77) , so omsa doesn't report
> > that they are too old.
> > But i'm not able to manage it, omreport only shows those two sas5/e
> > adapters (web interface is now dead, it only segfaults on start with this
> > error []  GetIPAddrStrList+0x52
> > when i stop openvpn links to server, it works - as i found somewhere its
> > problem with non eth* interfaces)
> >
> > We need to monitor md3000 before we start to use it for customer data.
> > It's now in some strange state, i can use virtual disk from it, but it
> > says "Individual Physical Disk - Degraded Path" and "Degraded Physical
> > Disk Channel" (it started on friday when i removed some test-only disk
> > and created one vdisk for customer data)
> >
> > With regards
> > Libor
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