removing drives from PE2850 w/ PERC 4e/Di

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Delete the logical drive. From Ctrl+M select Objects|Logical Drives.  Find your RAID 0 drive and highlight it. Press the delete key.  Select YES to delete.  If you then escape out to the main menu and choose Configure|View Add Configuration and that disk should read READY.

Be warned that doing this WILL change the subsequent logical drive's numbers, if any exist.  In the event that this is drive comes BEFORE your boot drive, you will need to change which drive is the boot drive in the Configure|Specify Boot Drive menu.

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Subject: removing drives from PE2850 w/ PERC 4e/Di

I'm looking at permanently removing a drive from a PE2850 system with PERC 4e/Di card.

I've read through the docs and searched through the PERC bios but it looks like I can't permanently remove a drive without completely clearing the entire configuration and starting from scratch.

If I simply disable the drive and remove it when I reboot the BIOS will halt on a message about a problem with the configuration. It looks like it would do that every time which is not so desirable in a remote server.

Can anybody clarify this for me? What's the best way to permanently remove a single (raid 0) drive from a PE2850 with PERC 4e/Di?



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