How to saw Hardware Raid

Eric Rostetter rostetter at
Fri Feb 19 14:23:47 CST 2010

Quoting Adnan Rizvi <sarizvi at>:

> When I give this command. It gives me no output.
> ./MegaCli64 -LdPdInfo -aAll

The commands I use (via cron) are:


$MEGACLI -AdpAllInfo -aALL > /tmp/AdpAllInfo.txt
a=`grep "Degraded" /tmp/AdpAllInfo.txt | grep -o "[0-9]"`
b=`grep "Failed Disks" /tmp/AdpAllInfo.txt | grep -o "[0-9]"`
if [ "$a" != "0" -o "$b" != "0" ] ; then
    $MEGACLI -LdPdInfo -aALL > /tmp/ldpd.txt
    mailx -s "Check RAID on `hostname`" root < /tmp/ldpd.txt
    cat /dev/null > $MEGAPATH/MegaSAS.log

But, maybe if you don't get output from -LdPdInfo you won't get it any
from -AdpAllInfo also?

OMSA would be the other option...

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