Dell OMSA 5.5 & 6.2

Henrik Schmiediche henrik at
Fri Feb 19 08:26:24 CST 2010

I installed Dell OMSA 6.2 on a Poweredge 2950 running CentOS 5.4 only to
find it was not working well. I used the Dell bootstrap.cgi program to setup
access to the Dell repositories and install the program. The program
installed without errors, but only very few of the components on the system
were recognized.

I then uninstalled 6.2 and installed OMSA 5.5 using the
OMSA_5.5/bootstrap.cgi script. OSMA 5.5 works well, all the 2950 components
are recognized, but I do not know how to do firmware updates. When I setup
the system using these steps:

there seems to be no firmware updated included.

How can I get firmware upgrade with a downgraded OMSA? 


   - henrik

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