Debian Lenny on R210/R410 - BCM5716 drivers

Mark Webster mark.webster+dell at
Thu Feb 18 05:37:53 CST 2010

Hi list,

I hope this is not deemed to be inappropriate.

I've finally managed to roll my own Debian Lenny netinstall images
containing the PCI IDs patch for the BCM5716 chipset (as well as the
firmware-bnx2 package). Also included in the image is the install package
for the latest (2.6.26-2 r21lenny3) kernel, built with the patch applied.
This means your server will survive the reboot after the installer performs
a package upgrade, as the local kernel package is installed instead of
downloading the official Debian one.

The kernel was compiled with gcc-4.3 and everything apart from the bnx2
patch is exactly vanilla.

I thought I would share this here as it might save a few people some
trouble. Apologies for the megaupload links but I can't be bothered to
obtain permission to host the images on any of our sites:


Note that, since the bnx2 firmware is preseeded (as well as the
openssh-server package because I always need that by default), these images
might help anybody just wanting an easy install on other bnx2-supported

Tested working on recent R210 and R410 hardware. YMMV.

For the record, I assert no copyright or control over the images I've
provided. Everything apart from the bnx2 firmware conforms to Debian's
definition and policy of being "Free".

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