RHEL 5.3 & Multipathing question

Brian O'Mahony brian.omahony at curamsoftware.com
Wed Feb 17 06:13:23 CST 2010

I am setting up a RHEL5.3 machine connected to an iSCSI SAN (PS6000). The machine is a PE2850. I have two onboard network ports and an Intel NIC with two ports. One from each is connected to our lan, and the other on each is connected to our SAN network, which is segregated from everything else.

This is my first time setting up access for something with fault tolerance (previously it was all just for testbeds etc). I *had* originally set up the two SAN nics as a bond with the failover set to active-passive.

As I was reading more documentation, I came across multipathing, and I am wondering if it is needed in my case. The machine is going to be the only machine connected to the LUN presented by the PS6000. The LUN is 500Gb, and this will be chopped down further using the OS (either ext3 or ext4) into 10x50Gb logical volumes.

Is multipath really needed and/or necessary in this case? Why?

I9m looking at setting it up anyways, but im in a bit of a rush and would rather not put things I don't fully understand on a production box.



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