Third-party drives not permitted on Gen 11 servers

Jefferson Ogata poweredge at
Tue Feb 16 16:56:06 CST 2010

On 2010-02-16 17:46, Blake Hudson wrote:
> Attached was a pdf explaining the stringent quality
> control standards for Dell's HDDs. No apology, remorse, alternative
> solutions, etc.

That's pretty funny considering the fairly high failure rate of Dell 
drives. If you actually check the SMART statistics you'll see the PERC 
often tries to pretend bad drives are just fine. For example I have a 
Dell-provided Seagate in a PE2950 right now that has logged 100 
uncorrected write errors and 10 uncorrected read errors, and has failed 
a SMART long self-test. The PERC says "2 media errors" and hasn't failed 
it out of the RAID.

Well, I guess this is the year I start diving into HP or IBM gear.

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