DRAC 4/p not accessible

Antonios Galanopoulos anton at goto10.org
Tue Feb 16 11:27:51 CST 2010


I hope this is the right place for such post.  We just bought a second
hard DRAC 4/P card for a dell poweredge 860 server running Debian lenny. 

The DRAC config appears during POST and I can set the IP address there
with no problem, the vga also works through the card. However plugging
a network cable in shows no sign of life. Whether the card is set to
static or dhcp makes no difference. No green or yellow lights come up
in the DRAC RJ45 port.

Similarily trying to connect to the card with the the cli/serial using
information that I found researching on the internet for the past few
days gave no results. 

I installed the dell open manage tools for debian from here but I have
to admit I am still quite confused and i couldnt figure out how to
access the card.


the racadm utility is referenced in the documentation but is not part
of the above debian package so I tried to extract it using the info


racadm tells me that "Remote Access Controller Card not present",
Using pppd to connect to the virtual serial port of the drac also

There is also a reset button on the card which I kept pressed will
booting the server but it made no difference. Couldn't find any
information about the use of this button.

All this is very confusing and I am worried that I either have done
something really silly or the card is broken. I dont mind spending
some time and learning all about the card but If is card is broken I
better find out soon and contact the seller. 

Another thing that worries me is that the managment cable, connecting
the card with the motherboard came slightly damaged (see http://imgur.com/g6JhW.jpg)

It doesnt look that bad, all the pins are in place and normally i
would have let it go but after spending two days trying to get this
card working everything can be wrong..

Thanks in advance, 

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