No Bios Setup Found

Robin Bowes robin-lists at
Fri Feb 12 12:05:25 CST 2010

On 12/02/10 17:14, Cody Jarrett wrote:
> I installed the latest OMSA repo on my T110 running Centos 5.4 64bit.
> When I run the following: omreport chassis biossetup, I get the error
> below. Any ideas what I need to install to resolve this message?
> $ omreport chassis biossetup
> Error! NoBIOS Setup found on this system.
> $ rpm -qa |grep srvadmin
> srvadmin-omilcore-6.2.0-1.9.el5
> srvadmin-omcommon-6.2.0-1.19.el5
> srvadmin-base-6.2.0-1.5.el5
> srvadmin-smcommon-6.2.0-1.29.el5
> srvadmin-isvc-6.2.0-1.16.el5
> srvadmin-xmlsup-6.2.0-1.17.el5
> srvadmin-cm-6.2.0-677
> srvadmin-hapi-6.2.0-1.17.el5
> srvadmin-deng-6.2.0-1.6.el5
> srvadmin-omacore-6.2.0-1.18.el5

You are almost certainly missing some i386 RPMs on your system.

Try installing the following:

yum install \
	libXtst.i386 \
	libxslt.i386 \
	libxml2.i386 \

Having said that, I have a lot more srvadmin RPMs on my systems (I just
install srvadmin-all which installs everything)


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