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What does line 50 of /www/htdocs/web/public/public.php say? I assume it is an
include statement for "main_page.html.php". If that file is not present in your
include_path (/usr/local/lib/php from your PHP config) or referenced using an
absolute or relative link to the directory of the calling script, you will get
the error recorded below.

The fix would be to either modify your include_path variable (either in the
php.ini or via an ini_set instuction higher up in public.php), or change line 50
of /www/htdocs/web/public/public.php to call the location of main_page.html.php
via an absolute or directory-relative link.

Due to the number of variables which have not been considered here, I caveat
this post with: 

"not knowing your specific scenario, setup, or code structure, what you do on
your own server is your responsibility - not mine nor my employers"

I would add that this is a very OT thread, hence my change of subject.


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some of my web pages having the following issue when i call them
Warning:main(main_page.html.php): failed to open stream: No such file
or directory in /www/htdocs/web/public/public.php on line 50
Warning:main(): Failed opening 'main_page.html.php' for inclusion
(include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in
/www/htdocs/web/public/public.php on line50

PHP Core shows the following

Directive => Local Value => Master Value
allow_call_time_pass_reference => Off => Off
disable_classes => no value => no value
disable_functions => exec, shell_exec, system, passthru,popen,
virtual, show_source,  pclose ,ftp_connect,mysql_list_tables,
display_errors => Off => Off
display_startup_errors => Off => Off
doc_root => no value => no value
docref_ext => no value => no value
docref_root => no value => no value
enable_dl => On => On
error_append_string => no value => no value
error_log => no value => no value
error_prepend_string => no value => no value
error_reporting => no value => no value
expose_php => On => On
extension_dir => ./ => ./
file_uploads => On => On
gpc_order => GPC => GPC
html_errors => Off => On
include_path => .:/usr/local/lib/php => .:/usr/local/lib/php
log_errors => On => On
log_errors_max_len => 1024 => 1024
magic_quotes_gpc => On => On
magic_quotes_runtime => Off => Off
magic_quotes_sybase => Off => Off
max_execution_time => 0 => 240
implicit_flush => On => Off
include_path => .:/usr/local/lib/php => .:/usr/local/lib/php
log_errors => On => On

any help how to resolve this issue.

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