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Wed Feb 10 15:56:30 CST 2010

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 03:35:06PM -0600, Eric Rostetter wrote:

> > for under $6000. But I'm confused about disk. I would think disk pspeed
> > would be fairly important. How can I configure a machine with a fast disk?
> > What are my options from Dell in that regard?
> Get the fastest RAID controller you can and are comfortable with, and as many
> of the fastest disks you can afford as you can fit in the machine.
> Since you want to stay under $6000, using SSD or FusionIO is probably out.
> I would think (haven't verified) that you could buy 4 (or 5) 15K RPM SAS
> drives in your price range, setup as a RAID 10.  If not, try 10K RPM SAS
> drives.  If that fails, well, there is always SATA...
> I personally like to buy 7 drives: 2 RAID-1 for the OS, 4 RAID-10 for the
> MySQL databases, and 1 hotspare.  But, if you need to keep costs down, you
> can dump the RAID 1 and just do 5 drives (RAID 10 plus hot-spare).
> You'd have to spec all that one Dell's web site to see if it comes in
> under $6K.  If not, just start dropping down until you hit your mark
> (from 7 drives to 5, from 15K SAS to 10K SAS to SATA).

Be sure to mail/call your Dell sales rep. I've seen pretty nice
discounts, just by going through the sales rep. You may outsource the
hassle of what exact drive/config to choose to them - just specify your
requirements ("as fast as possible, at least xx GB, ..., for under $6K").

BTW: Don't even consider RAID-5.



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