PE2950 Memory confusion

John Lister john.lister at
Tue Feb 9 09:05:47 CST 2010

Hi, One of my PE2950 (iii) servers is complaining of ecc correctable errors so i'd like to swap the memory before they become non-correctable.. Unfortunately the server is at our remote site so i'd like to get the staff there to do the swap (it doesn't have dell memory in mainly to the excessive price dell charge so i can't get them to do it under warranty)

I also have a PE2950 locally as well which i'm using for reference...

But i have 2 questions, the system logs are reporting FB_DIMM4B as being the troublesome one  - i take it this is bank 4 second dimm?

Secondly in the documentation it says to use the following pairs for correct memory configuration (1,5) (2,6) (3,7) (4,8) however the server complains unless the following is done (1,2) (3,4) (5,6) (7,8). The same docs even report the error message given at boot time..

Am i missing something or are the docs wrong (mb mislabelled)? 

Finally given the above am i right in assuming FB_DIMM4B is in slot 8?

Thanks for your time


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