Third-party drives not permitted on Gen 11 servers

Bond Masuda bond.masuda at
Wed Feb 10 12:48:52 CST 2010

i've been quietly reading this thread. i personally tend to think it
benefits the customer in many more ways if 3rd party HDDs can be used in
Dell servers. the "lock-in" really only benefits Dell, no matter how
their marketing wants to word it in their literature. the IT industry is
mature enough now, we've seen this before and we can see what Dell is
trying to do many, many miles away.

that said, I can't blame Dell for trying to find ways to increase
profits; albeit, i don't think locking-in customers to buy dell only HDD
is the right way. in any economic trade situation, whenever one party
tries to "milk" the other party, it never works out in the long-run; i'm
sure any econ. prof will tell you the same.

however, bottom line is this: Dell is trying to increase profits and
they see this "lock-in" as a potential method to achieve that goal. if
Dell customers want to see this change, you'll just need to show Dell
that it doesn't accomplish that goal. I.e., stop buying Dell, cancel
your orders, etc. anything short of this will not change how a business
operates. no amount of complaining on this mailing list is going to make
this change until dollars are at stake.

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