help configuring a db server

John G. Heim jheim at
Wed Feb 10 12:22:40 CST 2010

I hope this is not too far off topic (maybe its considered on topic [I 

I need help configuring a database server. We have $6000 to spend. The 
server will be running debian stable (maybe squeeze by the time we're ready 
to go) and mysql. We have databases  for spamassassin bayesian rules, 
drupal, moodle, imp (webmail), and our own private data.  Our private data 
is pretty small with the biggest table containing under 10,000 records. We 
do have a table with about 4,00 PDF docs in a blob field.

I think we can get a machine with a quad core, 32 Gb of RAM, and 300 Gb disk 
for under $6000. But I'm confused about disk. I would think disk pspeed 
would be fairly important. How can I configure a machine with a fast disk? 
What are my options from Dell in that regard?

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