Third-party drives not permitted on Gen 11 servers

J. Epperson Dell at
Wed Feb 10 10:36:54 CST 2010

On Wed, February 10, 2010 06:06, Mirosław Jaworski wrote:
> We anxiously wait for further lock-ins. I do have a recommendation
> to be considered on marketoids' closest quarterly meeting: support
> for Dell-blessed expansion cards only.
> No more wild expansion PCI cards - Delltwork Dellterface cards
> should be enough for everyone! With God's help all Dell
> customers will be connecting to Dellternet over time.

And UPSs!  We must ensure that we have appropriately proprietarily
conditioned power for our proprietary servers.  And no third party
replacement batteries either.  Lord only knows what sort of corruption
that could lead to.

Seriously, some of us used to re-flash some of the older LSI PERCs with
the firmware for their LSI-branded counterpart.  Could something like that
be a possibility here?  Could the H700 be reflashed with the LSI Megaraid
9260/9280 firmware?  I guess someone would have to risk a brick to find

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