Missing Dependency: dell_ie_module(MPTLSI_U320)

Jeffrey_L_Mendoza at Dell.com Jeffrey_L_Mendoza at Dell.com
Wed Feb 10 08:44:36 CST 2010

> Error: Missing Dependency: dell_ie_module(MPTLSI_U320) is needed by package
> LSI2032_ven_0x1000_dev_0x0030_subven_0x1000_subdev_0x50c0-a02-1.noarch
> (dell-omsa-indep)	
> Any idea where I can get dell_ie_module(MPTLSI_U320).

Ah, this is for the LSI 2032 U320 SCSI controller. The update for this device is not supported (I don't believe any firmware update was ever released). I removed the ie_module from the repository, but it appears the update rpm is still in.

You can safely ignore this package, and not install " LSI2032_ven_0x1000_dev_0x0030_subven_0x1000_subdev_0x50c0-a02-1.noarch" I will remove it from the repository.


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