Third-party drives not permitted on Gen 11 servers

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On Tue, Feb 09, 2010 at 11:15:55PM -0600, Eric Rostetter scribbled
 in "RE: Third-party drives not permitted on Gen 11 servers":
> Quoting Howard_Shoobe at
> > In the case of Dell's PERC RAID controllers, we began informing  
> > customers when a non-Dell drive was detected with the introduction  
> > of PERC5 RAID controllers in early 2006.
> I'm fine with this.  And I'm fine if your tech support won't support that
> configuration, or if that configuration voids my warrenty, and even if
> your OpenManage software won't support it.  But I still want to be able
> to make it work in the machine at my own peril...
> I don't mind if I have to do something in the PERC controller setup menus
> to force it to accept the non-Dell drive. I don't care if I have to set a
> jumper on the PERC card to get it to accept the non-Dell drive.  I'm willing
> to jump through hoops to disable this in the rare case I need to.  But
> I still want that option.

I agree.  This isn't proprietary software, it's hardware -- I didn't
buy a license to use the application, I bought a physical piece of
hardware, it's _mine_ -- I should be able to any damn thing I like
with it, especially when it's something standards compliant, like
putting a SATA disk into a SATA drive bay.  If neither piece of kit
are faulty, _it_should_just_work_ (configuration aside).

While I would settle for the situation where I have to dig into the
RAID BIOS somewhere to "allow" 3rd party disks, I wouldn't be
particularly happy about it.  At most there should be an informational
notice that alerts me to the fact that in that configuration the disks
themselves wouldn't be covered by Dell's warranty (using this

I would also disagree if it voided any warranty -- I'm not a child,
I've worked in this business for years, I'm trained in this stuff,
swapping a disk out doesn't require a PhD, neither does realising that
this is an abhorrent business practice with no true merit to the



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