Third-party drives not permitted on Gen 11 servers

Brandon Ooi brandono at
Tue Feb 9 22:47:53 CST 2010

> I'm sorry - I must have missed something here.  I understand that in
> Enterprise Storage Solutions (such as Hitachi and NetApp) they only
> allow qualified drives.  Are you officially stating that the R710 box is
> an "Enterprise Storage Solution"?  Because from my understanding, the
> R710 is listed in the "Servers" category on, rather than in
> the storage category.  So I fail to understand your rationale, as I
> believe that many here do.  (Though I don't want to speak for others.)
> If Dell is intending to provide "Enterprise Storage Systems" in the form
> of the PowerEdge line, complete with vendor hard disk lock-in, please
> let us know clearly and equivocally.  I understand this in storage
> boxes, but not in servers.  The hardware lock-in path is a dangerous
> one, tried by IBM, Sun, Compaq (before they were bought by HP), and HP.
> Doing this in a server line almost always ends badly.  I implore Dell to
> rethink this strategy.
> Thank you,
>         -I

Just wanted to input my 2 cents if Dell is listening. The main reason we use
Dell is because it's cheap, works well with standard equipment (SATA, SAS,
PCI, RAM, Link Agg etc..) and is consistent. Cheap to the point where I buy
2 of everything so I have a hot/cold spare. I'm probably spending more than
I would at HP or Sun but I've got 2 of 'em.

Ram/drive bad? Throw in something. If it's standard, it'll work. We don't
buy cheap drives or cheap ram but with a variety of other systems; I don't
want to keep multiple brands of the same 300GB 15k drive or the same 2gb
stick of ram handy in case there's a failure. I challenge Dell to show me a
case where the "generic" drive (like a Fujitsu MBA3300RC) fails but their
magical firmware succeeds.

We've probably bought around 250 Dell servers. If there's lock-in on hard
drives that drive up cost.. I might just start building our own servers.
Sure, it might fail...  but i've got 2 of 'em.

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